(1) Please Treat ALL Posters with Respect and Courtesy.-
Anyone who is found to be abusive to another member will
be banned at the Admin`s discretion.

(2) Members & Advertisers:

- All purchases are final.
- Advertising is for 1 Year.
- Nj Anglers takes no responsibility and can not be held accountable for what is written on the message boards.
- Nj Anglers cannot be held Accountable for any problem, issue, delay, or legal matter that you may have.
- Nj Anglers is a Positive and Friendly place. All business will be done using the code of brotherhood. Both Parties are only responsible for themselves. No party can hold another Party Responsible.
- A sponsor can ask at any time to have his company information removed from Nj Anglers. However, he will forfeit all previous money paid.

(3) No Large Pictures in Signatures -
A few words are fine, or an image no greater than 300x100 pixels in size.

(4) Admin And Mod jobs-
Please allow Admin's and Mod's to do their job.

(5) No Obscenities -
You must not post any obscene messages or pictures, including pornography
and links to said material. Doing so will result in an instant ban.

(6) No Piracy* -
You must not post links to illegal downloads or copyrighted material,
such as movies and music.

(7) Keep it legal** -
With all forums we are held responsible for all posts so please beware
and think before you post.

(8) No Trolling
Do not post comments which have the sole purpose to cause an argument.
You may express your opinion on a topic, however abuse to
anyone who doesn't have the same opinion as you will not be tolerated.
Trolls will be banned.

(9) No Flaming or posting of material intended to start a flame war.--
Forum wars are stupid and childish we will not get involved with them.

(10) No Caps-Lock -
This is seen as shouting and any post like this will be removed.
It is also classified as rude. Please don't do it.

(11) Keep things public
- To make this forum successful please only use the pm system for
the odd private message.

(12) Spamming of any type is not allowed---
Where as some poor forums feel the urge to spam their way to
the top we feel that only good honest posts make a
forum successful. Any spam will be removed and the offended
warned then banned.

(13) Word filter ---
It is there to protect everyone on the forum. Anyone found
trying to avoid this will be warned, then banned,
and the post will be removed.

(14) A three strike system is in effect for any user
failing to fully comply with the rules:
First Offense: A warning.
Second Offense: Suspended from the forum for 1 week
Third Offense: A permanent ban.

In severe cases the offender may be banned before committing 3 offenses.
If you have a problem with any particular user, please send a
PM to one of the moderators. Please do not contact moderators
or Admin about silly childish petty squabbles.

(15) Complaints
We take pride in our forum however there may be times
where some of our members or guest may feel upset.
If this is the case please send the Admin a pm clearly stating
what it is that you are upset about
- if you can take a screen shot to back up your claim
then please do. Anyone found to be abusing the complaints
system will be removed from the forum.